A lifelong obsession...

From as early as I can remember I've always had the compulsion to MAKE things.... before I had the attention span to learn to crochet from her, my grandmother let me cut "samples" from all her skeins of yarn. I braided them, and later chained them to make bridles and halters for all my toy horses. I still have one of those braids I use as a bookmark. First grade - my class mates were drawing single images for the fridge door - I was busy designing fully illustrated books.
Years later as a teenager, my first real job was a bank teller... I was constantly in trouble for doodling at my station between customers. After 6 months of boredom I walked into a print shop I passed on my drive to work each day.. asked if they needed any help. The owner had me lay out a business card on her computer, then hired me.. and told me her friends ran a t-shirt shop on the other side of the tracks. I went to see them the next day and they hired me too! Turned in my notice at the bank and never looked back!
Since then I have worked at a large corp. owned newspaper for 7 years, a private news magazine, and graduated with a degree in design....then the fun really began. I moved east and discovered the world of fiber arts!

Fiber, yarn and print design

Welcome to the shop! I'm a graphic designer turned fiber fiend. I love playing with color, whether in Photoshop or the dye pots!
Have a look around - just let me know if you have any questions!